Virgin Mobile Introduces Customizeable Plans

Spring VMNO Virgin Mobile has just announced Virgin Mobile Custom, a smartphone plan where you can pay just for the services and apps you use. Virgin Mobile is already known as an affordable alternative to large-name cell providers thanks to its prepaid services. For just $55 per month, smartphone users get unlimited everything, but this new plan can save people even more.

Custom plans start at just $6.98 for a single person and 250 call minutes, text messages and megabytes for browsing the Web and downloading content. Users can individually adjust minutes, messages and data. For example, a plan with 750 minutes, 2000 texts and 250 megabytes costs $34.98 per month. The custom plans offer a maximum of 5000 minutes and message in addition to 6144 megabytes. The price per plan would be more than $100 per month, almost twice as much as the unlimited plan currently available for Virgin customrs.

Like other companies, Virgin Mobile will allow this plan to be shared among multiple users. Additional phone lines will cost $6.98 per line, and these prices don’t include taxes and fees.

Obviously, consumers who use fewer resources will save with the custom plan. If you frequently browse within range of a Wi-Fi network can save a significant chunk of money on their monthly bills. However, it isn’t without a catch. Virgon Mobile Custom is only available from Wal-mart, and only specific phones are compatible with the plan. Thee include the Pulse and Unify, both by LG, and the ZTE Emblem

Virgin will also offer special offers for unlimited use of services/apps such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Maps, music apps and calls to international countries like India, Mexico and Canada. These fees in addition to the base plan price. For an additional $5 monthly, customers can browse either Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, or consumers can pay $15 on top of their monthly bill for unlimited social media usage that doesn’t count against the data provided with the plan. Obviously, users who focus on a specific app or service stand to save money, but those who spread their time among a number of apps may not benefit.


This isn’t the only change coming to Sprint properties. For several months, the provider that was bought by Japanese telecom company Softbank, has been in talks about a possible acquisition of T-Mobile. However, Sprint officials recently announced their departure from this plan.

There are also rumors that Sprint will do away with all VMNOs, including Boost and Virgin Mobile, and start their own in-house prepaid service known as Sprint Freedom. If this is true, it explains why Sprint’s name is more prominently on Virgin Mobile Custom than it has been on any other service provided by a VMNO through the provider. Sprint Freedom would likely provide users with more device options than either VMNO or the custom plan, however, so we’ll be interested in what Sprint will roll out. As of now, there’s no official announcement from the company about the change, however.