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Secret Code of Memory

2003 United States Teacher of the Year JOHN TAYLOR GATTO

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80% of Students shut down from Math when they hit Algebra I and they feel like failures ending their math potential. How would you like to buy a math home study course and it can teach a 5 year old Algebra I, Algebra II, and Trigonometry all in 6 weeks?

All of Math is based on 10 digits = 0-9. Digit means finger. How many fingers do you have = 10 digits? Kids naturally count on their fingers.

In Ancient Schooling a child learned the alphabet A-Z then backwards Z-A. The majority of adults can't say the alphabet backwards, try it right now and prove me wrong? How would you like to buy a simple poster with images to match the alphabet to teach your kids the A,B,Cs? Kids & adults remember far more based on images seen.

"Continuing Education New Amazing Research... Self Help Home School Home Study Course Teaches Students To Recall Data 1600 Times Faster...Secret Code of Memory Course"

Article on Continuing Education and Flow Chart Showing 7 stages of Higher Education
By Robert Reuter, BS   &
Publisher of Imagine Health, Wealth & Whole Food Wisdom TM Newsletter

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Welcome to the continuing education home school research learning center for students, parents and teachers offering unique articles and self help home study courses.

Why is this website so Unique and Why should I right click on this page and create a shortcut and get the Coolest looking Eye-I logo on your desktop and save this page in your favorite folder

This website is unique from every other education website because you will be taught from world class mentors offering self help home study courses, Free newsletters, books, ebooks, software, dvd, video, blogs, rss feeds, tools, research, search engine tools, business opportunities, internet marketing and everything you may need for higher education or home based business that is not found on other education websites.

What Kind of Benefits And Results Can You Expect From This Education Homepage Website?

1. You will get faster results
2. You will save time
3. You will save money
4. You will have new Free research tools
5. You will get exactly what you want to learn
6. You will most of all learn to develop your mind to think with a creative imagination that has no limits like PI
7. You will learn from your own home on your own time schedule

New Amazing Unique One of a Kind US Map For Every School In The USA

Imagine one Free benefit you will Love and receive is this amazing new research tool I created with my imagination that you will not find anywhere else in the world is my US Map to every school in the USA. With the click of a button on a map for each state and in less than 3 seconds you will have 4 different US Maps to choose from.

1. Official State Website - Dept of motor vehicles, taxes, unemployment, licensing
2. Department of Education for each state
3. Every Elementary School, High School in each state
4. Every College in each state

How You Can Receive This Free Amazing US Map?

Go to the US Map link tab at the top of the page to see this map or click here Amazing US Map To Every School In The USA Sign up for your Free Newsletter Imagine Health, Wealth, and Wisdom and you will be sent an a Secret Surprise Mystery Bonus. I recommend you right click on monitor, create a shortcut, save those maps on your desktop and in your favorite folder.

The Hottest Continuing Education Technology Right Now Is Blogs & RSS/XML. The Future of Communication… Once Reserved For Journalists/Media Is Now Available to Every Mom & Dad & Young or Old Person Who Wants To Voice Their Opinion For Free

I have a Free blog that I want all my newsletter subscribers to read. You will be able to post/share comments on my fun blog and then I can post world wide with an RSS feed. Don't worry I will teach you everything you want to know about blogs, blogging and RSS. We will be one Big Family, Just Call Me Daddy! Your Imagination Daddy, No Not Sugar Daddy??? Yo I have my Eye-I on you at all times??? Through out this article, Free newsletter and entire website you will learn ancient hidden never before revealed Treasures of Secrets of Knowledge. If you seek you will find, if you knock on the door it will open, fear not, fear is from the devil, free your mind from all fear first! Never be afraid.

Recall Data 1600 Times Faster, Learn Foreign Language Vocabulary In 24 Hours. It's No Accident. In 30 Days, I Can Show You How With Continuing Education Accelerated Learning Home Study Courses

The wisest man in the world King Solomon said the beginning of Wisdom is To Fear The Lord Your God. He's The only one you should fear. The keys to your higher education success are your Imagination, mind, and ability to recall data 1600 times faster. Remember your mind and imagination have no limits Pi. The Greatest Math Secret of All Time Is PI or Infinity which has amazed the most brilliant minds in history including Pythorgas, Newton and Einstein.
Did you know the Egyptian pyramids were built on Pi? Mathematics are very important in your studies of higher continuing education. Einstein lived, ate, and breathed mathematics while at Princeton University.

Did you know in Ancient History that there was a secret code of learning and memory? Did you know that numbers were letters and letters were numbers allowing one to read at the speed of sight and have a photographic memory? Go to my memory tab for more research on this topic. How come students are not taught this in the traditional education system starting from preschool?

Imagine if kids were able to speed read in preschool, elementary school, high school and college with a photographic memory we would not need a program like no child left behind? Instead we would have a world of imagination with future baby einsteins.

You CAN Learn To Photoread At The Speed Of Sight And Have A Photographic Memory With New Secret Code of Learning & Memory Home Study Course ...100% Guaranteed

You will have the opportunity to learn this secret code of learning and memory in a home school home study course allowing you to read at the speed of sight and have a photographic memory pushing you to the top of your class and career.

Are you ready to start your continuing education treasure hunt for the ancient wisdom that your mind craves and desires but has been suppressed through the standardized continuing education system?

Don't read me wrong I'm not against the current Education System. I was the first person on both sides of my family to ever go to college or higher education. My mom only has an 8th grade education and has to ask people to read things to her and my dad graduated High School with a GED. My little brother who was born with cerebral palsy went to four years of college and became a social worker to help those in need. He then died at the age of 33 from stomach cancer.

My motivation for this website is to help all the students and parents who don't understand the path to higher education. There were lots of questions I had when I went to college that I had to figure out myself. Just go to my other tabs and I will teach and show you the narrow path that few will take?
I went to 4 years of Catholic High School because that was the best school in my county. I graduated with a BS Degree after 4 years of college, double majored Occupational Safety/Engineering & Construction Technology and minored in Business in 4 years while working part time, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, and on a college Tae Kwon Do Sparring Team and I appreciate the opportunity. I was awarded black belt in Karate at age 16, black belt in Tae kwon Do Age 19,and brown belt in aikido.

My biggest question is How Come We Are Not Being Taught These Accelerated Learning Methods in School Right Now? Who Said That The Continuing Education Books We Are Suppose To Read From Preschool Thru Higher Education In Order To Graduate Are The One and Only Final Authoritative One Point of View Education Book? Based on my research I believe there is information that has been hidden and suppressed from the masses all these years that needs to be put under the light from darkness?

The purpose of Continuing is to supply your mind with new information, amazing creative research tools, home study courses, software, resume creation, student loans, job search, website creation, internet marketing, business opportunities, mentors, book publishing, intelligence and accelerated learning methods. These amazing continuing education home school home study self help courses will prepare you for a higher education so you can climb to the top of your class or career in the accelerated learning program that you will create for yourself based on your time and imagination.

The wants you to start to think about what you really want in life and how to prepare you for continuing education in public schools, private schools,bible schools,elementary school, high school, college, higher education and your professional career or as a business owner?

1. Identify what you really want in your life with your creative imagination and apply it to school or career. Keep asking what do I really want?
2. Provide students, parents, teachers with accelerated learning techniques
3. Inspire & encourage Home School, High School, College students to think outside of the box. Your mind has no limits on learning unless self imposed.
4. To prepare students for the Business World with Superior Minds of Intelligence
5. To prepare students How to Find a Mentor and Role Model their success

Recall Data 1600 Times Faster, Learn Foreign Language Vocabularian In 24 Hours. It's No Accident. In 30 Days, I Can Show You How With Continuing Education Accelerated Learning Home Study Courses

So start to Imagine "what if or how to or why not" what it is you really want in your life and do not focus on the negative thoughts. This mental exercise will start your mind to creatively think what you really want in life here on earth and not what somebody wants or expects you to do.

Never do something because of what others think you should do because then your not creating your just acting. When your mind that has no limits starts to create and your continuing education the way god created you then you will realize your fullest potential.

I can't tell you how many college students I've met who have no idea what they want to major in or their career education path is not clear. Too many students are told what classes they should take, when they should take them and the students never really sit down and think what do I really want to do in my life? Are you in the same old rat race? You get up rush to the train, sitting next to the same group of people never talking to anybody? You mindlessly rush to your job then rush back home at the end of the day knowing you hate your job? Change your mind and create by continuing education you deserve and learn at home or attend a local college or online education program.

Sometimes going to college is really not what they want to do like Bill Gates and other brilliant minds? Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the Google executives and co-founders are now the youngest billionaires in the world after there company went public with a stock offering in 2004 and they created the concept for Google search engine and toolbar while in college.

Thousands Now Recall Data 1600 Times Faster, Learn Foreign Language Vocabulary 24 Hours Who Never Thought They Could

Talk to any Fortune 500 business owner and they will encourage you to pursue your dreams through your own research and support continuing education. Why do you think so many corporations have a research budget for new products and development. They want to hire the young creative, imaginative and brightest students to work for their organizations. They will pay for your higher education and encourage this path of continuing education.

Look at the USA Military continuing education policy. They reward military students who pursue higher education through continuing education while working full time. This continuing education is done at nights and on weekends by attending a local college, course online or home study course. If you think just like every other student than your not thinking outside of the box. You need tools and self help courses that are unique one of a kind like what is available here

Learning a Foreign Language Vocabulary in 24 Hours… Its Like Sitting Next To The Smartest Guy In The Class And He's Showing You All The Answers

The Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency is actively looking too hire the smartest students they can find who can speak multiple foreign languages. The more foreign languages the student knows the more money they will pay you. I heard for each language the student knows they receive a $5,000 per year increase in salary.

The Roman Catholic Pope John Paul 2nd who just died in April 2005 could speak 17 foreign languages. There are corporations eagerly wanting to hire students who can speak any foreign languages for their multi-national corporate offices throughout the world.

What If you learned the Secret Code Of Learning and Memory and could speak 17 languages? If a student could speak 17 languages he could work for the NSA or CIA and he could be making $135,000 starting salary? If you could speak 17 foreign languages x $5,000 per language = $85,000 in bonus salary on top of his regular starting salary of round $50,000 depending on experience?


1. Home School - starts here from birth, parents teach kids
2. Pre School
3. Elementary School - Kindergarten to 8th grade
4. High School - 9th to 12th grade
5. College - 13th to 16th grade
6. Graduate College - 17th to 18th grade
7. Doctorate College - 19th to 22nd grade leading to PHD & MD, highest levels of continuing education
8. Imagine No Limits = "Imagination is more important than knowledge - Einstein" Pi = Infinity = Research = 8th Wonder of The World Your Mind Has No Limits!

The secrets of knowledge are all around you and inside each one of you if you only open your Eye of Imagination. The answers you seek are within your temple or kingdom? Why not graduate from college at stage 3 or elementary school? Who said you can't graduate that fast? There are no limits to your mind so why not continue your education at home?

Continuing Education at is dedicated in showing you how to get to the next stage of your education or career in the shortest, fastest, easiest time period with home study courses, ebooks, books, audio, CD, DVD, video training , software, maps, resources and research links. Imagine you will learn how to save time and rapidly gain knowledge to accelerate your learning skills based on the laws of the universe.

The hidden secrets of knowledge have not been taught in the traditional education school systems that's why I have provided you with continuing education courses, learning tools and resources you will not find at your school. When a student reaches these higher levels of education the more research and testing is performed.

The world's brightest minds know that they have to plan on continuing education to break new barriers in research. These brilliant minds think outside of the box with creative imagination and search for solutions until the problem is solved. The problem with the majority of the population is that once they graduate from any of the 7 levels of continuing education they stop learning and stop reading.

That's right when is the last time you read a good book? When is the last time you bought a home study course? Are you reading fiction or books to increase your knowledge base for your career or business? All too many times the average High School student graduates, gets a job in town, gets the fancy car, starts paying rent and never reads another book. Why are you stunting your mental growth?

Did you know that nearly 70 percent of students attending four-year schools pay less than $8,000 per year for tuition and fees? What's a few hundred dollars in home study courses if you can recall data 1600 times faster, read at the speed of sight, math home study course teaching you algebra I & II & trigonometry in 6 weeks, Posters for preschoolers teaching the alphabet A-Z and Z-A in 6 weeks, and those attending college will blow right thru your college classes with straight A's? No college course is designed to teach you these secret learning methods, your going to have to learn them on your at your home school.

Don't Wait Another Moment! Recall Data 1600 Times Faster, Learn Foreign Language Vocabularian In 24 Hours Now!

If you want to buy these Home School Home Study courses click here. Note: the company is brand new April 2005 and the products will be ready in about 2-3 weeks, in the mean time get your Free website by clicking green join now book.

Your Mind Functions Best When Given At Least One Gallon Of Water Per Day and Eating The Healthiest Food In The World Called Phi Plus With 76 Ingredients. Go Visit to research more by clicking on the link below

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Continuing Education and Flow Chart Showing 7 stages of Higher Education

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Albert Einstein Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

The Quick And Easy Way To Boost Your IQ Test Score 100% Gauranteed!

The Secret Code of Memory

U.S. Intelligence Community Members; How to get a Free Education Paid for by The National Security Agency

Spin The Wheel of Rote Learning...All of Education is Based on Rote Learning...Secrets Your Never Suppose To Learn

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2003 United States Teacher of the Year JOHN TAYLOR GATTO

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Newton in photo above and Einstein both knew the Secret Code of Memory & Learning. How would you like to learn the Secret Code of Memory?

7 Divinci Principles? Divinci could write with both hands at the same time inwards to make sentances? Divinci learned his secrets from Great Mathmatician Pythorgas? In order to enter the University of Pythorgas In England, the entrance qualification was to fast for 40 days before the ancient secrets were begun to be taught? Alls you have to do is click on the Green Button Join Now and get a Free Website and you can buy all the Secret Code of Memory & Learning Home School Home Study Courses at Wholesale Prices

Crack The Secret Code? The Ancient Tree of Knowledge was to cut a tree in half and put images on the tree to teach students?

The current method of learning is based on the Catholic Rote Learning of repeating & chanting? Fact 70% of Rote Learning will be forgotton in 24 hours to the conscious mind and educational scientist knew this for one century now? Test over guess what new test next week, guess what you forgot what was on the last test? Learning with these obsolete techniques is like using a slide ruler when you could be using the Fastest Intel Pentium Computer Chip? What Student is going to do better?

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